Webinar “Agile team health & morale checks”

27 Апреля 19:00 - 20:00

Now more than ever companies are exploring ways of measuring if their teams are doing well. Many of the traditional performance metrics are of no use in remote and by the time things have gone off the rails, the damage has been done.

Alexandra Melnikova — Certified PSM I and PM/BA at IT Band Systems — will talk about team health and well-being as leading indicators for productive work and will share her techniques and tools for tracking agile team health and morale:

- Why it’s worth starting tracking it right now (if you haven’t yet)

- How to interpret results correctly and turn them into action 

- How to implement regular team health checks into your existing workflow

Register for free webinar here. See you on April, 27th 4 pm UTC.

Organizators: IT Band SystemTimbo

Informational partner: dev.by

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