Testing Stage 2020

Киев, 21 — 23 Мая

This spring, 21-23 of May 2020
Testing Stage returns!

Based on your positive feedbacks and recommendations of the program committee we will continue focusing on high-level technical talks and big portion of TOP-level international speakers.

So TestingStage 2020 at a glance:

● 3 days: 1 workshops day + 2 conference days
● 5 simultaneous tracks of high-quality content
● Delivered by 50+ TOP experts!
● And of course, couple of world best recognized stars of testing!
● 100+ hours of practical content
● 800 participants

You simply can’t miss this!

We are waiting for Test automation engineers, Performance engineers, Security specialists, Test managers, Test leads, Test engineers, Software Development Engineer in Test, Test engineers, QA specialists and all who is fighting bugs, frameworks, developers ;-) and non-trivial testing problems.


A little bit more details:


● 5 tracks: two technical, one security, one test management and motivation and one about classical testing and approaches
● 50+ talks
● 10 masterclasses during the conference
● Round table and discussion panels
● Traditionally several day-long workshops day before the main event. Please do not tell anybody ... first full day workshop is called “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Skills for the Testing World” and will be conducted by Tariq King — one of the biggest rock stars of Artificial intelligence and testing in the world! But for now, as I’ve mentioned, this is a SECRET.
● We decided to enforce test automation direction, so Testing Stage will definitely meet expectations of all automation engineers and those, who want to become ones.
● But from the other hand there will be a room for a portion of high-level talks, dedicated to classical testing and approaches.
● How we can combine these 2 focuses? Simply look at the first point — we have 5 simultaneous tracks!
● As for the speakers, everything as usual — TOP level experts from USA, Europe, Israel, and of course — Ukraine!

Networking party:

● Hot discussions and networking
● Inspirational mood
● New professional connections


● Gifts and surprises from our sponsors
● Drive!
● Experience

Among speakers

Tariq King
CEO and Founder, USA
Towards a Future of Self-Testing Systems

Igor Dorovskikh
Engineering Manager, USA
XCUITest to Infinity and Beyond

Jennifer Bonine
CEO & Co-Founder, ex. Oracle Director, USA
Learn To Train a Bot For Testers: Introduction to AI

Irene Michlin
Application Security Lead, UK
How to fit threat modelling into continuous security

Svyatoslav Login
QA Lead and Security QA, Ukraine
Sql vs NoSql injection

Sergii Bielousov
Senior Test Engineer, Quality Assurance, Ukraine
Iron triangle of security

Mesut Durukal
Test Automation Lead, Turkey
Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing.

Aleksandr Gritsevski
Technical Manager / Program Coordinator, Estonia
Quality Gate: A way too much, still not enough... more than necessary

Dmitriy Sobko
Lead Software Test Automation Engineer, Ukraine 
Look at Big Data automation from the dark side

Daniel Gold
Head of QA & Automation, Israel 
Shift Left to do Right!

Jan Sabak
AmberTeam Testing Sp. z o.o. 
Testing Departamanent Manager, Poland
Growing a test framework

Geoffrey van der Tas
Quality / High Performance Teams coach, Netherlands
Quality Engineering: A new hope for Quality Software!

Tomasz Konieczny
Senior QA Engineer, Poland 
Serverless - how to speed up tests over 300 times and achieve continuous feedback?

Igor Goldshmidt
Moovit company
Senior QA Engineer, Israel 
Mind Maps is a tool against panic in testing large features.

Tomer Cohen
Deep instinct
Software Engineer in Test, Israel 
Testing our test automation framework

Vitalii Stadnyk
Director of Strategic Initiatives, Ukraine
Healthcare Solutions Quality Management in Scope of Domain Complexity

Sagie Vachman
Head of QA, Israel
Fear of The Running Automation! 

Yonatan Flenner
ATID Automation
Founder, Israel
Selenium Under Attack

Jan Jaap Cannegieter
Squerist B.V.
Principal consultant, Netherlands 
From detailed scripting to free style exploratory testing: different forms of testing

Alexander Todorov
Project lead, Bulgaria
Static analysis as a test tool

Evgeny Tolchinsky
QA Lead/ Senior QA, Ukraine 
Which way of career choose from senior manual QA engineer?

Igor Uzhvenko
Technical Lead, Ukraine
Pentest Expectations

Alexander Adamov
NioGuard Security Lab
CTO and Founder, Ukraine
Security Testing with Reinforcement Learning 

Mykhailo Antonishyn
Access Softek
Mobile application pentester, Ukraine
Advanced Android application security testing

Yevhen Rudiev
QA Manager, Ukraine
Do you know your production?

Iryna Zhylinska
Solution Analyst at EPAM Systems, USA 
Be the best version of IT Professional or ‘How to Crack IT Career’?

Diana Pinchuk
Very Good Security
Product manager, Ukraine 
Develop a product mindset for QAs

Alexandra Kovalova
Astound Commerce
QA Trainer, Ukraine
Wittacker idea of Exploratory (based on test charters) vs Bach idea (based on context-driven testing).

Стоимость участия

от 220$

Место проведения

Киев, 6 V. Hetmana Street, 03057, Kyiv, Ukraine

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