Sitecore User Group Meetup

Минск, 4 Марта 19:00 - 22:00

Sitecore Community in Belarus welcomes you to join us for the next Sitecore User Group Meetup in Minsk that will be held on March 4th (Wednesday) at 19:00.

Speakers and agenda:

Vadzim Papko, Sitecore MVP & enthusiast @ Sam Solutions -

Let’s setup CI/CD for Sitecore Managed Cloud/PaaS using Azure DevOps pipelines.

"Time is money. Especially you need to deploy Sitecore SXA + JSS solution to Azure either as Sitecore PaaS or Sitecore Managed Cloud.
In this session, I will share how we configured the Azure DevOps CI/CD process in our project based on Sitecore SXA + JSS and delivered all stuff (.Net projects, JSS build, SXA modules, serialized items) to Sitecore Managed Cloud."

Alexei Vershalovich, Sitecore MVP and Managing Director @ Brimit
Andrei Paliakou, Sitecore Commerce MVP @ Brimit

What's the deal with Marketing Automation in Sitecore Experience Commerce?

"Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.3 comes with a number of Marketing Automations and EXM templates to help marketers engage users and enhance the online shopping experience.
In this session, we will demonstrate how to quick start with out of the box automation plans and explain how to finalize its configuration. To reveal the full power of the Marketing Automation capabilities we will showcase a number of additional automation scenarios and demo configuration and codebase for advanced Abandoned cart automation."

Sergey Baranov, Sitecore Technology MVP @ Brimit
Semantic search with Sitecore Cortex

"What`s the difference between syntactic search and semantic?
Semantic search denotes search with meaning, as distinguished from lexical search where the search engine looks for literal matches of the query words or variants of them, without understanding the overall meaning of the query. Semantic search systems consider various points including context of search, intent, a variation of words, synonyms, generalized and specialized queries, concept matching and natural language queries to provide relevant search results.
To show capabilities of semantic search in Sitecore I prepared a demo that uses ML to find related items like news, articles, products etc based on NLP."

Please make sure to RSVP and visit the meetup as some of the topics will not be streamed on Youtube. And you can pick up some swag from Sitecore!

And you'll get a chance to win Resharper licenses!

Location: Imaguru event space, 1st floor.

March 4th, start at 19:00

RSVP and stay tuned for updates!

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Минск, Имагуру, ул. Фабрициуса 4

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