Sitecore User Group Belarus

Минск, 15 Августа 19:00 - 21:00

Sitecore Community in Belarus is welcome to join us for the Sitecore User Group Meetup in Minsk. The meetup will be held on August 15th (Thursday) at 19:00.


Sergey Baranov - Senior Sitecore Developer @ Brimit.

"Sales forecast with Sitecore Cortex and Machine Learning."

Introduction to Sitecore Cortex, an overview of Machine Learning engines and problems, architectural patterns for solutions. Demo application with Sales Forecast predictions (per product and per country) using Microsoft Machine Learning .Net

Vadzim Papko, Sitecore enthusiast @ Sam Solutions -

"Deploying your local Sitecore instance to Azure PaaS"

Do you know both Sitecore and Azure PaaS separately? Do you have a local Sitecore instance and thinking to deploy it to Azure as Sitecore PaaS? If YES, you are on the right way!
In this session, I will tell you how we can do all this stuff using Sitecore Azure Toolkit. Also, I will share some issues I faced during this implementation.

Artsem Prashkovich – Sitecore MVP, Lead Sitecore Developer @ Brimit

"Data Exchange Framework - How it works."

Along with these topics, we expect lots of networking supported by refreshing beverages.

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Место проведения

Минск, Фабрициуса

Идут 8

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