Sergey Pirogov: REST API Testing with Java

Минск, 7 Февраля 14:00 - 18:00
  • java
  • docker

By Sergey Pirogov (

Feb 7, 2019. 14:00 - 18:00 - Minsk, Renaissance Hotel

This workshop shows how to build efficient solution for REST API testing.

Experience from real projects is gathered and structured in one day workshop.

You will see how to use REST assured and build scalable automation solution. Test data management and reporting also included. Test cases as a code for REST API it’s icing on the cake.

To attend this class it is recommended to have experience with Java, InteliJ IDEA and Docker.


Part 1:

  • Test framework architecture
  • Vanila REST Assured implementation

Part 2:

  • Improved Test framework implementation
  • Logging and Reporting

Part 3:

  • Test cases as a code

Who will be interested

  • Test engineers Good for Junior++ and up to Middle++


  • laptop, with several API tests, with Java, IntelliJ IDEA and Docker installed 

For Companies:
you want to pay via bank transfer, just Fill the Form and mention Workshop name in requisites.

Link to workshop

Стоимость участия

225 BYN

Место проведения

Минск, проспект Держинского 1 Е

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