Microsoft Azure Machine Learning training at Godel Technologies

Минск, 28 — 29 Марта 11:00 - 18:30
  • machine learning

Microsoft ML

The mystery of Artificial Intelligence is expected to wear off for Belarusian IT market, or at least become a bit more familiar, as Godel Technologies is bringing Microsoft Cloud & Data Solutions Architect Robin Lester to conduct an AI/ML training in Minsk at the premises of Godel Silver Tower Office.

Within two seminar days on 28th and 29th (11:00 – 18:30) of March a set of theoretical presentations along with some hands-on workshops and hackathons will be carried out on the following topics:

  • What is ML and why would you use it.
  • What are the common types of learning and algorithms (from unsupervised to supervised, decision trees to Deep Neural Networks).
  • How do you approach a ML Project.
  • What tooling is available in the Microsoft stack and how do you operationalize (from Microsoft Cognitive Services to Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to R and R Server with SQL).
  • Creating and operationalizing ML projects.
  • Consuming premade DNNs.
  • Data architectures incorporating AI.
  • Hackathons on similar face detection or image recognition.

Robin Lester is invited to share Microsoft knowledge and professional experience on Machine Learning foundation. During the training session the attendees will also have a unique opportunity to solve real world case issues with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services.

At this time, Godel is unable to invite general public to this event and will keep it for employees only. However, if you are interested to be included in the guest list, please contact us on

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Место проведения

Минск, Godel Technologies Silver Tower, 1 Загородный пер., 20

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