CSS-Minsk-JS Conference 2019

Минск, 18 — 21 Сентября 10:00 - 00:00
  • css
  • javascript
  • node.js
  • angular
  • react.js
  • vue.js
  • webpack
  • typescript

CSS-Minsk-JS 2019 https://css-minsk-js.by  is the 3rd annual international conference for front-end developers and UI specialists in Belarus.

This year it will take place on September 18-21, 2019 in Minsk at Victoria Olimp Hotel. 500+ developers will gather together to learn about the latest trends in CSS and JS world.

Conference days

The complete line-up is on the website >> https://css-minsk-js.by

  • CSS day – September 20
  • JS day – September 21

Among the topics of the conference are:

  • WebAssembly-driven CSS,
  • pure CSS animations,
  • algorithmic performance optimization in JS
  • web video animation techniques,
  • sense of web performance,
  • CSS mindset,
  • the state of CSS,
  • Performance in JS

...and many more!

Work language – English.

Key speakers

Eric Meyer – author of "CSS: The Definitive Guide" and "Design for real life" books, creator of the first official set of W3C tests. Eric’s talk will uncover useful things that we can learn from the HTML tags that came and went, or that never were. 

Ire Aderinokun – speaker at the world-known conferences, author of more than 100 articles about HTML, CSS and JavaScript, author of blog bitsofco.de! Ire participated in the creation of such products as Adblock Plus and Flat Plus. The attendees will listen to her practical talk about different ways to understand the confusing world of web performance and how to start making sites more effective.

Workshop days

September 18 (8 hours):

  • Vitaly Friedman 'Smart Responsive Interface Design Patterns'. All-day dedicated to designing responsive interfaces, starting from accordions, to date/time pickers, feature comparisons etc.

September 19 (4 hours – each):

  • Julia Muzafarova 'How to make a world'. Drawing and animating cartoons with only CSS. 
  • Vitalii Bobrov 'Angular state management with NgRx'. Creating a small application that should solve typical development tasks using Angular and NgRx 8+. 
  • Pavel Malyshev 'Svelte Cookbook'. Step-by-step development of a small PWA with SSR, code-splitting, prefetching and other benefits.


The conference is organized by Minsk JS & Minsk CSS communities together with SPACE and LOVATA.


Price increases on September 9. Use the special promo-code for dev.by subscribers DevbyLovesMinsk and get 10 %  off the tickets price >> https://css-minsk-js.by. 

Stay tuned!

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Стоимость участия

248 BYN

Место проведения

Минск, Победителей проспект 103

Идут 18



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