Android Fundamentals #5: Fragments

Минск, 7 Октября 19:00 - 21:00
  • android
  • kotlin

We have repeatedly remembered such a word as #Fragments. So the time has come to open the curtain of this mysterious and possibly contradictory word in some places.

Full agenda & registration here.

We will be introduced to the creation of Fragments, how to use them correctly and why they are needed.
As well as we will up to know how to use fragments to the maximum and how to reuse fragments in your applications.

  • Introduction to Fragments
  • Introduction to Support libraries
  • Fragments lifecycle
  • Creating a Fragment
  • The FragmentManager
  • Communication between Fragment and Activity - Best practices
  • Save&Restore fragments (onSaveInstanceState)

Great thanks to our partners Fitbit & EPAM.

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Минск, ул. Октябрьская 16/4

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