Android Fundamentals #10: Working from the background

Минск, 11 Ноября 19:00 - 21:00
  • android
  • kotlin

Every Android app has a main thread which is in charge of handling UI (including measuring and drawing views), coordinating user interactions, and receiving lifecycle events. If there is too much work happening on this thread, the app appears to hang or slow down, leading to an undesirable user experience.

Any long-running computations and operations such as decoding a bitmap, accessing the disk, or performing network requests should be done on a separate background thread. In general, anything that takes more than a few milliseconds should be delegated to a background thread.

Full agenda & registration here.

  • Services - deep dive
  • IntentService
  • Scheduling operations
  • Background limitations since Android Oreo

Great thanks to our partners Fitbit & EPAM.

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