[Android Advanced] Topics #4 - Networking

Минск, 18 Марта 19:00 - 21:00
  • android

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If you've ever written an app you probably had to talk to some server. And if you've ever used an app (or a few :) you probably know that the apps which require the most data, or network calls, or sync are also the ones which drain your battery the most. And it can be wasted good.

This talk will explore what happens with your network calls a bit under the hood.

How to drain less battery for your users? What does the system help us with? Or prevents us from doing?

How to schedule your sync tasks wisely? How to profile your app's network comminication?

And we'll see some best practices on how, why and when to talk to the far-away servers.

Great thanks for our partners EPAM and SPACE.

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Минск, Октябрьская 16/4

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