Android Academy Minsk: Workshop - Introduction to ConstraintLayout

Минск, 23 Сентября 19:00 - 22:00
  • android
  • kotlin
  • xml
  • android ui

When you start creating a UI you have a question on how to dynamically position UI elements in relation to other elements on the screen and to animate your views.

Full agenda & registration here.

Hold on - ConstraintLayout is a layout on Android that gives you adaptable and flexible ways to create views for your apps.

You will be working primarily with the Layout Editor for this codelab and will not directly be editing the XML or Kotlin code.

Waiting for us:

– Placing and resizing elements in the layout.
– Adding constraints to position and align elements to other elements.
– Adjusting an element's layout dimensions and margins.
– Inferring constraints for a layout automatically.
– Using barriers to align elements that dynamically vary in size.
– Using chains to position multiple elements.

You need a laptop to participate in the Workshop.

Great thanks to our partners Fitbit & EPAM.

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Минск, ул Октрябрьская 16/4

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