Android Academy Minsk Hackathon: 24 hours of creation

Минск, 21 — 22 Сентября 16:00 - 22:00

The Big Android Academy Hackathon on its way!
We will gather for 24 hours to challenge ourselves, push the boundaries of our knowledge and have a lot of fun!
Any idea, any complexity, any API or SDK to use. 
The main idea - to design things, write code, talk, share and dance! :) 

Registration >>

At least 2 developers.


  • 21.9 14:00: Hackathon registration and work begins
  • 21.9 16:00: Opening words
  • 22.9 13:00 App presentations
  • 22.9 14:00: Hackathon ends
  • 22.9 14:01 Hugs, Kisses and drive home safely.

An idea for Application:

You freely to work on anything you would like to. The goal is to have an application with one full feature working.

What to bring:

  • Smile & Hugs
  • Comfortable cloth/Costume (you invited to be creative!)
  • Toothbrush and Personal Hygienic staff
  • Laptop with Android Studio, Git, AVD installed and working properly
  • Power cable for laptop
  • Android device with data cable for testing

Application for submission:

Design: At least one full user flow entirely designed

Development: At least three screens with different design, working flow, and at least one network call

Стоимость участия


Место проведения

Минск, Октябрьская 16а

Идут 3

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